Roarin’ and Ragin’

Photo by: Amanda Smith

Photo by: Amanda Smith

South STUCO created the Rage Cage in hopes of getting more support in the student section

How much spirit your school had is one of the most important things you’ll remember about your high school. In this case, the more the better. From signs to cow bells and from flags to crazy chants there are so many ways you can represent your school.

This year South attempted to do it a little different. Seniors came up with themes for the games, new cheers, and different ways to get more people to come out and support.

“We wanted to get more involved because it makes the games more enjoyable to go to,” said McKade Hermansen (12).

STUCO decided they wanted to name our student section and due to votes via Twitter, Hermansen’s idea “The Rage Cage” won. Banners and chants advertising our unique name were created to get the word out.

“Students seem to be a lot more involved this year compared to last year,” said Hermansen, “We work together better as a team this year in cheers and overall school spirit.”

Unfortunately the underclassmen are seeming to fall a little short in this category. Due to the outrageous population in our student section, it’s hard for them to hear the cheers being called or when the cheers are supposed to end. This makes them look like they don’t cheer, which is not a good thing on their part. But honestly, majority of the time, they’re not cheering anyways.

“People treat it as a social event, not a game to watch the sport and cheer on their team,” said Easton Fortuna (11).

Go to the games to cheer and pay attention to the game, not talking to your friends or texting the entire game and taking up space where I could be standing. So if you’re embarrassed to look like a fool while cheering, get over it or go home.

“I go to the games to show that the freshmen actually do have spirit, and support my boy Jake Springer,” said Ryan Powers (9).

Since the underclassmen have been given this reputation it makes them all look bad while some of them are actually cheering and doing their part. So guys, if you don’t want you and your friends to be “those kids” then start cheering and get everyone else to. We want the best student section possible. It makes it more enjoyable for everyone there and gets all of our teams all riled up for a win.


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