Cons in Kansas City: Naka-Kon

Naka-Kon is an annual convention dedicated to anime and its fans. Based in Overland Park, the convention draws hundreds of people from the Kansas City area, some guests even visit from out of state.

Naka-Kon allows fans of Japanese animation, movies, video games, and culture to interact with others who share the same interests. In addition to fans, some artists, animators, and writers will be present offering autographs and sometimes merchandise.

If you prefer the music from your favorite video games, then you might want to go to one of the many concerts featured at Naka-Kon, presenting live covers of music. The bands often stick around afterward for autographs and you may be able to buy one of their CDs featuring the music from the concert or other performances.

Other activities include several dances, food and drink tastings, photo sessions, and cosplay contests. What’s cosplay? It’s the act of dressing up in a costume, often handmade, of your favorite character, it’s a portmanteau of ‘costume’ and ‘roleplay’. At Naka-Kon, as well as many other conventions celebrating geek culture, you’ll find that a large portion of guests are cosplaying, some of which are incredibly impressive.

So, if you’re feeling like you might like Naka-Kon, try it out. Wear a costume, meet some friends, learn about a new subculture, and have fun.

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