“Holding” on to Hope

Staring at the TV, Kansas Citians alike have high hopes of win. With two minutes on the clock, they attempt a two point conversion to take the lead, but in a blink of an eye, the KC season ends on a holding call.  

Many South students were appalled by the lack of calls on the Steelers.

“Those holds should have been called. The referees really blew the game there,” said Billy Eggers (junior).

But some thought differently.

“I hate to put the pressure on the referees because they’re just calling what they see,” said Trace Weatherford (senior),”I feel likes it’s part of the game. You can’t blame an entire game on the refs.”

Although the last game was a disappointment the Chiefs finished their season with 12 wins, four losses, and the AFC West title. Students alike had hopes for a better season next year.

“I hope that they will come back angry, and we will win just like the royals. We are going to the super bowl,” said Eggers.

Many fans thought they need a new quarterback in order to have a successful season next year.

“It’s hard to tell, they had a good season this year, hopefully we can carry it over, but I think we need a new quarterback, just saying,” said Weatherford.

Fans all around KC sit with disappointment as the realization that the season is over sets in. Little did they know this was just the beginning for the team.

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