Walker Watching

Since the 2010 zombie craze swept the nation the remnants of post-apocalyptic zombie movies and merchandise remain. While the cheap thrills swept the nation for the year, eventually it died out. Even so, six years after the undead took over our world, The Walking Dead still thrives.

After the seventh season premiere, many fans are left in hysterics with a character Negan taking control and for those who have or have not read the comics, the TV show leaves a million or more questions.

“See in the new episode, Negan said that the way Rick came to Alexandria,  ‘I would have not messed with that man but you’re not that man anymore’ and I think that really took a toll on Rick.” said Annaliese Willis (sophomore).

Negan poses himself as the main antagonist in the season, taking control of the group and preventing him from leading. Though it is inevitable that the group breaks away, as of now, they’re under Negan’s control.

“Eventually it’s going to change and they’re going to leave Negan, but I think definitely for the rest of the season we’ll have to deal with him.” said Hayden Wells (sophomore).

While many viewers, such as Wells, are stuck with assumptions on what will happen next, many others also read the comics. The comics are significantly farther in the plot than the show and unless the show decides to deviate, some are confident in what will happen next.

“If they follow the comics, all of the good communities are going to gang up and start a war with the bad guys, which I hope happens since it’s an interesting arc in the comics.” said Bryce Simpson (junior).

Even with reading the comics or making an educated assumption, no one can be sure what the writer will have in store next, leaving fans scavenging for supplies, hunting walkers, and praying they don’t get bit by The Walking Dead.

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