Feel Good Foods

With the season of holiday mesh season of October, November, and December upon us, many of the family traditions are once again rising. While every family tradition may be different with the season of union and food coming around, every family has a taste of their own.

“It brings the families together and it gives something to look forward to for the entire family.” said Garrett Osborn (sophomore).

Plenty of tradition revolves around the sweets eaten after the meal, from cakes to cookies, many people enjoy these long term treats.

Matthew Kissinger (sophomore) makes a chocolate swiss roll every reason, a roll of cream cheese and chocolate which he finds traditional for the time.

“It can be breakfast, I’ll take a slice. It could be lunch and I’ll take a slice. It could be dinner and I’ll take a slice. It can be a midnight snack and I’ll take a slice.” said Kissinger.

The season is about charity and giving to others rather than taking for yourself. These make the traditions even more everlasting such as William McCance (senior) whose mom makes cookies in a brownie pan in order to make brownie bars for the entire family.

“A few years ago when family times weren’t that good, my mom made them and everyone felt super good afterwards.” said McCance.

Even so with these traditions, the meal is just as important as the desserts in other households. Hayley Clark (junior) has her mother’s macaroni and cheese as a favorite tradition, not because of the food, but the way her mother makes it.

“She makes with cheese, sharp and mild, milk, butter, and the noodles. You put it in the oven and it makes it really good.” said Clark.  

Family traditions even show the character of a family as a whole, be it the last minute rushers or those who cook maybe way too early in advanced.

Mashed potatoes being one of them, one that can take hours to put together or even just a few minutes such as Quentin Reeves-Johnson (sophomore) and his family.

“It’s sort of that food that my family throws together at the last minute and somehow it always turns out perfect.” said Reeves-Johnson.

All and all, when the season comes to an end, people with bellies stuffed and smiles on their faces, the food that brought families together will be long awaited for another year.

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