Being Mature is Being a Leader

All the graduating Seniors are getting ready to start there first years as adults and with that means they’re going to have to move on from South to bigger schools with bigger opportunities and experiences. This was the case for South football players.

This years senior players are feeling bittersweet about it. Payton Ireland says he’s sad about this being his last year playing for south but, this isn’t the end for everyone. Payton plans on playing in college because he loves playing on a team. Payton Ireland and Noah Salsbury say being a player for south since freshmen year to senior year have made them grow as athletes, as payton says “I’ve been playing with these guys since we were kids”. Noah says “The difficulty level, and amount of responsibility and leadership you have grown”. Some players aren’t sad but eager to end this experience and start new ones, like Dillon Thomas he says he’s “I’m excited about it, it’s not my last year playing so it’s not the end of the road”.

The guys have really grown as players and individuals. They have each helped each other mature and with that there friendship with each other have grown Chris Carpenter says ”I think we really strive to have a family atmosphere, ya know everybody for everybody, so It’s pretty weird thinking about all the people i’ve learned from and met and not being able to see them anymore; it’s just weird”. Noah Salsbury also appreciates the bond they’re built Noah says ”We’re all really close. I mean we all hang out all the time,, party all the time. There like my brother ya know”.

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