Rousing the Rage Cage

29 seconds are left in the fourth quarter. You can feel the excitement buzzing through the Rage Cage. He stands up and begins to chant, “Rage, Cage, Rage, Cage,” and eventually everyone joins in. He cheers and spins around to watch the final seconds of the game, and in this time he reflects.

“Being a Rage Cage leader is important to me because it was passed down by people who thought you were worthy enough to handle it,” said Zachary Suchanick (senior).

And being a Rage Cage leader was 100 percent dedication.

“It requires you to be there for the games, and have everyone cheering and supporting the team,” said Suchanick, “Being a leader is something that I was honored to do because that means that they thought I deserved it.”

As a tradition, the senior leaders picked the next round of leaders out of the junior class. The goal for many of the juniors who were dedicated to the Rage Cage is to be in the running.

“I’d love to be a Rage Cage leader because it’s fun. You get the crowd pumping and it helps the team out,” said Joe Badalucco (junior).

Being in the Rage Cage was its own experience and even if you weren’t picked, the Rage Cage had a lot to offer.

“My favorite part of Rage Cage is being there and talking to my friends while watching the game. I think it is awesome to be in the Rage Cage, even if I’m not a leader,” said Badalucco.

Three, two, one and the crowd erupts. With a landslide win, 45-7, the South football boys celebrate. He jumps the rail and leads the Rage Cage to the field. This is what being in Rage Cage is all about.

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