The Hundred Year Drought

The whole city holds its breath. The pitch, then the crack of the bat. An explosion of emotion as the crown is bestowed upon one city.

As the most recent world champions, Kansas City has had this experience very recently, with only a 30-year drought in between crowns. The Chicago Cubs haven’t been royalty for 108 years, however. With another shot, the entire county is craning its neck to get a glimpse of just one of the 2016 world series games.

“They’ve got to be pretty anxious, I mean a lot of people’s hopes and dreams are riding on this. It’s definitely one of those things that everyone’s wanting to see in sports and it’s all one step closer to happening,” said Elijah Brizendine (senior).

While some students are avidly keeping up with the world series race, others haven’t watched one baseball game since the Royals’ season has come to an end.

“I’m not even sure who’s in the world series this year, it’s the Cubs and another team, I know that.” said Brett Palmer (senior).

With the drought ending and emotions rising for the Cleveland Indians or the Chicago Cubs, the series this year will be an interesting one.

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