Just Clowning Around

Crisp weather and chilly nights sometimes mean bonfires and smores outside in the evenings, right? Try not to think about what could be lurking in the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to bring terror to Missouri suburbs.

In the fall of 2016, clown scares seemed to be an epidemic all over the country. Some of our own students had close encounters with some of these creatures of the night.

“A couple of friends and I were out late at night and we saw what we thought were a few kids on little bikes. We got closer and it turns out that they were adults on these little bikes, they all stood up and put masks on, that’s when we realized that we were actually seeing these clowns. They started walking towards us with wooden axes, so we turned and ran back to my house as fast as we could.” said Will Fricker (freshman).

Although most of these experiences seem to be very real, there are also some that are just meant to scare on social media.

“I actually know someone that made a fake news headline and posted a screenshot on Twitter. I know that he’s very lighthearted about this whole clown thing, thinking it means nothing. I’m definitely going to remain weary but it’s not going to control my life.” said Colton Richards (senior).

“With Halloween coming up, I like to think that nothing’s going to happen, but I’ll still watch out.” said Richards.

This year, whether you’re sitting around the bonfire or simply taking an evening walk, it might be a better idea to sneak that glance behind you than to remain blissfully unaware.

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