Halloween Happiness

Is it just me, or every time September rolls around the first thing I think of is Halloween. I’m not sure if it’s the colder weather, leaves, jeans, or all of the above that gets me so beyond excited for this Holiday.

Everyone is off doing their own thing either Halloween parties, handing out candy, or just staying inside watching old Halloween movies can sometimes be the best way to spend this holiday.

“Honestly handing out candy and eating half of it is the best part,” said Halle Reach (Sophomore).

I wish costumes were still a big thing because as Maddie Olson (Freshman) said, “My favorite part is just always dressing up.”

The Haunt at Worlds Of Fun and the West bottoms Haunted houses such as the Beast, Edge of Hell, (etc.) are a huge essential part to get in the Halloween spirit whether you’re scared to death the whole time, or just laughing at your friends like I personally do. Weather you go all out on this day or just do a small get together, Halloween just basically means Christmas is right around the corner… right?!

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