Season Six, Scare or Snore?

With the start of American Horror Story’s season six finally starting and the new season revealed, Ryan Murphy’s new ideas of horror have been provoking fans for better or worse.

The season was kept as a secret until the premier date when the episode aired, revealing the theme of the season, “My Roanoke Nightmare.”

“I’d heard things about Roanoke and I’d heard it was probably going to be called ‘The Lost Colony’ but I didn’t think it would be called ‘My Roanoke Nightmare’” said Gabriel Sowell (junior)

Unlike previous seasons, season six has greeted us with a new sense of Murphy’s horror. The story is told in the first person point of view, while actors recreate the story that is being told.

The new season has taken a mostly ‘love it or hate it’ stand point. The majority of people feeling one way or another.

“I loved it! I thought it was really neat, like as soon as it finished I looked up the whole back story of it so I could get more information about it.” said Maggie Claassen (sophomore).

Not everyone feels the same was as Claassen, such as Alexandra Keschinger (junior) who thinks the new season strayed too far from what American Horror Story was about.

“It feels like someone heard about American Horror Story and was like ‘Great idea! Let’s make a rip off of it.” said Keschinger.

At the end of the night however, love it or hate it, many fans will be tuning in to see what other dark and mysterious secrets Ryan Murphy has in store for the viewers. Wondering, will they survive their Roanoke nightmare?

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