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It’s been quite a crazy week for the South softball girls, and it’s not over yet. Although there was no school due to Labor Day(Monday) and District Professional Development Day(Tuesday), the games didn’t stop. It also rained a lot towards the beginning of the week, which really effects the schedule and playing. Along with 3 games this week, there’s a 2-day tournament that they will be playing in on Friday. Playing so many games, and having so many things out of the norm going on, can come into factor of a game. There is a routine that a team gets into, and when that is changed it can be hard to adjust to it. Having games all week also means no practice, which could be good or bad.


Here are some answers from team members when they were asked, “How do you feel about playing so many games this week?”


Kylie DeClue (senior), “It’s tiring and it makes it hard to get homework done but it’s definitely worth it. No practices that way.”

Georgia Clark (freshman), “I LOVE it because there’s no practice, we get out of class early, and we get free food!”

Meghan Church (senior), “I like it because of the free food, I get to change out of my dress clothes, and no practice.

Kasey Sadler (senior), “I don’t think it should affect our playing abilities, especially because we have two good pitchers to get us through the week. It’s good we don’t have a full week of school to worry about as well; we can focus on playing ball and enjoying each other.”

Olivia Kinsey (junior), “I think that playing a lot of games this week will make people both mentally and physically tired by the end of it, but if we keep winning like we have been, it will make the long week worth it! I know being a pitcher I do get tired after a lot of games but having a day off in between helps.”

Taylor Johnson (sophomore), “I enjoy playing many games a week. Though some times I am sore, we build a lot of team camaraderie and are able to pull through with a win.”

Taylor Mccoy (senior), “I like having so many games, but I’m really tired. I also like that my outfits are basically chosen for me since we usually wear the same tshirts.”

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  1. They played very well. Love all!

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