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About Us

The South Paw is the yearbook of Park Hill South High School in Riverside, MO.

It is a high school of 1600 students, grades 9-12.


The Park Hill South High School yearbook, The South Paw, is a part of the educational curriculum of the Park Hill School District.


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  • Madelynn Anderson
  • Delaney Barnicle
  • Elaina Cassity
  • Adriana Rivera
  • Mimi Rodgers
  • Kayley Tolle
  • Josee Gentry


Staff –

  • Emma Beuerlein
  • Eden Black
  • Hunyee Choi
  • Alayna Cogswell
  • Alexis Frieders
  • Sophie Granger
  • Anjonette Herrera
  • Kate Kobayashi
  • Timothy Kruse
  • Tyrese Lewis
  • Savannah Lu
  • Bailey Martin
  • Austin McMahan
  • Samantha Oathout
  • Kaitlyn Roos
  • Lisa Schellstede
  • Lieana Sherry
  • Anna Thompson
  • Julia Vap
  • Lilly Wickham
  • Jake Springer

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About the Book

The South Paw is a member of the National Scholastic Press Assocation and the Missouri Interscholastic Press Association.


The South Paw is printed and published by Walsworth Publishing Co. in Marceline, MO.

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